False Sight (False Memory, #2) - Dan Krokos *Genre* YA Science Fiction*Rating* 3-3.5*My Thoughts*False Sight does exactly what it is supposed to do for a sequel; it entertains, it exposes more secrets, it leaves readers wondering what the hell just happened? it puts the cast of characters into a different set of circumstances, and it also gives us a peek at some very creepy and dark creatures that will make your skin crawl. It is science fiction novel without the need for worn out vampires, werewolves, and Fey. If you haven't read False Memory, you really should before attempting to read False Sight. Everything is connected. The characters have already been through so much that they just want to have some down time to be normal kids for once instead of constantly fighting for their very lives or looking over their shoulders. Instead, they are pushed even further when they betrayed by one of their own who wants to bring about the destruction of the planet and end up traveling to another reality via the Black where they see the full devastation of what may be coming to their own world thanks to the creatures known as the Eyeless and the Creators who made them. Our lead character, Miranda, was raised by the so called Creators to be a Super Soldier who has the ability to cause and create massive panic as was shown in False Memory. The team includes Peter, Rhys, Sequel, & Noah better known as Alpha Rose team. Miranda takes a lot onto her shoulders in this installment. She's not the leader of the group, but her decisions impact everyone around her. The toughest choice an author has is to put a character into an untenable situation, and find a way to write them out of it or leave them hanging by a thread into the next installment. I won't go further into the story than that because the point of a review is to not spoil what happens over the course of a story, but rather, to explain the positives and negatives and what you found interesting in the story, and world building and whether or not you would consider continuing with the next installment.Positive: I liked the alternative reality adventure that Miranda and crew experience. I like the fact that two new characters join with the gang in an effort to stop the Creators from destroying the planet. I liked the creepy Eyeless and I liked the fact that Krokos gave us a highlight of what True Earth is really all about. Perhaps we'll see more of that in the final installment?Negative: I guess if you were into the romance from the first book, you will be slightly disappointed that it doesn't play any sort of role in this book. From my point of view that is pretty much okay since I don't much care for 3 way love triangles or brooding characters who continually pine for their lost loves. The ending does leave a lot to consider and think about. I mean, well, let's just say that you should read it and then come and talk to me when you are finished. False Sight is filled with action, and adventure, and science fiction fans will definitely enjoy the alternate reality travel and the creatures that really highlight the book.*Recvd via NetGalley 04/12/2013* Expected publication: August 13th 2013 by Hyperion