The Devil's Due - Jenna Black I've now read the first three books in this series, and still, I find the sex scenes disturbing, and the main character to be a whiney, dense, little brat. I can't, nor will I rate this series any higher than 3 stars. Some of the action scenes are good, but, there's not enough of them to keep my sanity in check. C'mon already! Enough of the BDSM and S&M scenes! Are you LKH by any chance? I stopped reading her books for the same reason! This is the storyline of this book. Morgan gets in trouble, and calls in Adam. Then she does an exorcism and it goes wrong. Adam then tries to hide her away for her own good since she is still possessed by the king of hell, Lugh. Lugh, on the otherhand, has become a major pain in the rear, and I dislike his character alot. On the other hand, you know exactly what you are getting from Raphael and Adam. Even though you can't really trust Raphael, that is who he is afterall.