Magic on the Storm - Devon Monk Observations: I truly disliked the first 1/3 of this book. It was slow moving, and boring as hell. Ok we get it already. Allie and Zavy are madly in lust with each other. As if we weren't expecting that to happen since the second book. The middle of the book got better knowing that this storm was coming and that there was going to be a huge battle within the Authority. Best character? Stone the animated gargoyle. Interesting new character I want to hear more about? Terric. Evil villian you actually SAW coming? Jingo Jingo. I mean c'mon folks! You could see this coming from a mile away! Most untrustworthy character no matter what anyone says? Her father. So we have ONE whole scene where he shows his love for Violet who is his what 6th wife and is now pregnant with his child? Really? Gag me with a huge spoon already. Allie, however, has become a true heroine who you want to route for. Too bad she can't trust anyone around her including her own hounds. The last 1/3 of this book when the actual storm shows up, and then Allie has to decide whether to follow her father into the void...not bad. I especially love the fact that we actually find Allie with a Katana. Let's just say that I love sword fight scenes and wish there were more of them in this series.