Wild Thing - Maggie Shayne, Marjorie M. Liu, Alyssa Day, Meljean Brook I finished reading Hunter Kiss by Marjorie Liu. This is her prequel to the Hunter Kiss series that is currently out. It's a fun story about a demon hunter, who watched her mother get shot to death after her little demons abandoned her for her daughter. The story about the 5 little demons that turn into tats on her body, is truly different from anything I've read. This story shows how Maxine Kiss meets Grant, and how their chemistry came about. 3.5 starsI also finished Alyssa Day's tale about Atlantis and the story about Bastian and Kate. It's a nice story, but too short for my tastes. I didn't read her first novel in the Atlantis series, so, I missed out on the part where Kat and Bastian has previously met. Of course, this is a PNR story, so the male lead HAS to fall madly, deeply in love with the female character. 3 starsBook finally finished:Maggic Shayne's Animal Magnetism is a nice story. Call her Dr Doolittle with the ability to talk to her dogs. A very likable story.Meljean Brook's Paradise is the story of a Guardian Selah and a vampire Lucas who fight demons who are trying to open a gate to hell. Of course with all short stories, there's never enough to satisfy you.Overall, I give this anthology a 3.5 star.