Stake That - Mari Mancusi OK, so, having read the first book in the series, Boys that Bite. I figured I had to read the next one to see what happens with Rayne. Storline line thus far: Sunny, Rayne's twin sister, was accidentally bitten by Magnus and become blood mates. Of course, Sunny hated being a vampire, but fell in love with Magnus in Boys that Bite. So, this time around we get the story from Raynes POV, and it is, in my humble opi, much better. Rayne is back on the bottom of the waiting list for blood mates, and suddenly finds that she is the next Slayer. Rayne is me in high school, and Ms Mancusi had me in stitches at times because high school IS a cliche where you are expected to fall into conformity. Too bad. Next, people have got to get over the stereotyping complaints. Sure it's wrong in many ways, but there are those of us who actually WERE stereotyped, and have turned out just fine..thank you very much. So, now Rayne is a member of the Slayers, Inc and a slayer and has to stop an evil vampire from polluting the blood supply for Magnus and his coven mates. She ends up saving the day, and falling in love with Jareth who gives her her ulitimate fantasy: vampirism.