Ghost Shadow - Heather Graham Katie MacDonald owns her own business; Katie-oke where she works at her uncles bar O'Hara's. She's hopeful to soon become owner of Beckett museum, that was once the sight of a murder that transfixed the entire city of Key West. Of course, she can also see, and talk to ghosts like Bartholomew - a wise-cracking long dead privateer.Then there's David Beckett, owner of the museum Katie wants to re-open. He, of course, nixes the idea and he and Katie end up investigating a series of bizarre murders, including his own fiancee's from 10 years ago. Of course, what's a good ghost story without ghosts, mystery, murder, and a little bit of wasteful romance to add to the storyline? Notice I said wasteful?This is the first book in the Bone Island Trilogy, and I'm only able to give it, at best, a 2 stars. It reminds me of why I haven't read ms Graham's book in a long time. They are all the same storyline, with the same outcome.My problem is that Katie and David fall to fast into bed, and then the storyline gets stupid and silly.The good? The way the author tells the history of Key West. I find history to be a fascinating thing, especially a city I was stationed in during the 1980's. The interraction between Katie and Bartholomew is kind of fun.The awful? The relationship between Katie and David that just seems to be there. Seriously? The fact that it takes so long for anyone to realize that YES, the freaking police LT can, and is an awful bastard!