Payback (Zebra Romance) - Fern Michaels Summary: From the outside, it looks like Julia Webster lives a normal, happy existence. A highly successful plastic surgeon, she is married to a senator very much on his way up Capitol Hill, and lives in a lovely house in Georgetown. But appearances can be deceptive, as Julia knows only too well. Characters: Heiress Myra Rutledge; her adopted daughter, Nikki; Kathryn, the truck driver; Alexis, the African-American broker turned personal shopper; Julia, the plastic surgeon; Isabelle, the psychic; and Yoko, the nursery owner and nothing more than vigilantes. This time justice is for Frail Julia. Then you have Charles the former MI-6 spook who manages to get information on anyone anywhere anytime he wants to. I have no idea why I continued to read this series, but alas, I did. ::sigh:: The men portrayed in this books are shear idiots and that's even a stretch for me to say. Just take Jack. So much for a smart lawyer. He acts the fool, as do others along the way.