Bite Marks - Jennifer Rardin Plot Summary: Jaz and Vayl's vacation is cut short when Pete sends them out to deal with a threat against a NASA space complex in Australia. Gnomes have concocted a plan to infiltrate the complex and cause problems to ensure the privacy of their god, Ufran, who lives on one of the rings of Saturn. While in Australia, Kyphas, the demon Cassandra made her deal with, has finally found her and come to collect on the debt. And as if killing gnomes, assassinating gnome larvae carriers, and battling demons weren't enough, Jaz is hearing voices in her head. Jaz, along with her team, begin to doubt her control and the security of the mission.Review: Jaz is also dealing with voices in her head, (she seems to be possessed) and they are telling her some strange things. The addition of Jack (Jaz's dog) and Astral (the robo-kitty) really made for some hilarious scenes. We got to spend more time with the celestial Raoul and met the demon that has been plaguing Cassandra for centuries. This book kind of crosses the line into Science Fiction with the robo cat, and aliens. Still a decent read that will leave the reader anxious to see where the next one goes.