The Sentry (Joe Pike Novels) - Robert Crais This book is a wild ride of suspense, as well as twists and turns. It's nothing new from Mr Crais, who I've come to add as one of my favorite writers since the first Elvis Cole novel The Monkey's Raincoat was released in 1987.This time around, Joe Pike, former US Marine Force Recon, LAPD officer, and Cole's partner in crime, is center stage when he steps in and rescues a man he believes is Wilson Smith from being beaten by gang bangers. He finds himself intrigued and interested in what he believes is the mans niece Dru Rayne. Pike only has one switch; full speed and damn the dangers involved. Unfortunately for him, things are not what they seem this time around. Especially after Wilson and Rayne disappear after the bangers come back and destroy their deli.Crais takes the readers from 2005 New Orleans during Katrina where a sick killer named Daniel is trying to find Wilson and Rayne, to today where the couple is found in Los Angeles. Daniel is one of the strangest and brutal killers you will find anywhere. He believes that he is speaking to his partners Cleo and Tobey, but later we realize that these two are just figments of Daniels very sick imagination.Pike is joined by Elvis Cole, the World's Greatest Detective as he calls himself, who I find is a pretty decent character, even with his silly commentary and freakazoid cat. I'm glad he was a major participant this time around. I'm hoping Crais comes to his senses and writes a new novel with Cole center stage so that a few loose ends can be tied up. Cole is having a hard time. First, he is having nightmares of watching his partner and best friend die while he stands by unable to do anything to stop it. Then, he is seriously missing Lucy and Ben Chenier, who have moved back to Louisiana due to Cole's recent activity, which including putting Ben and Lucy in the middle. I'm happy to say that Cole and Lucy seem to still have feelings for other, so, my hope is that Crais allows some sort of a reunion soon! She even plays an important role in revealing who Wilson and Rayne really are.But, Cole is also the one responsible for digging up Wilson and Rayne's real past, something Pike is reluctant to listen to. It leads to questions about who is really telling the truth, and who is working with the Bolivian Cartel. In the end, Cole also has to do something that totally devastates Pike. Luckily, we aren't left to wonder what if since all ends are pretty much tied up in this storyline.This story was definitely worth taking the time to read. It is very fast, and Crais keeps you busy wondering who the real bad guys are and who the good guys. I love the fact that Crais allows Cole and Pike to show their true emotions this time as well. Especially Cole, who I don't think would do well without Pike.Published January 11th 2011; I also won this book as part of Goodreads first reads giveaways and did not receive any compensation for my review.