Heart of Ice - Lis Wiehl, April Henry The "Triple Threat Club" is made up of Allison Pierce, Federal Prosecutor; Nicole Hedges, FBI Special Agent and mother to 9 year old daughter Makayla; and Cassidy Allison, TV news reporter who finds herself falling prey to a black widow who doesn't care who she harms as long as she can continue to play The Game.This book, to me, was part Women's Murder Club, and partly a story about faith, and determination in order to beat evil villians, and your own body betraying you.Allison is trying hard to bring a killer to justice called the Want Ad Killer. Colton Foley is a medical student who has been accused of murdering women after he lures them to hotel. The reason for his name is more than obvious to any reader. Allison also has to deal with her deliquent sister Lindsay who suddenly shows up at her door and asks her to take her in. She has been in trouble since she was 13 years old. Thankfully, Allison has a husband, Marshall, and Cassidy and Nicole to fall back on. Nicole has never been married. She is, however, seeing a fellow FBI agent by the name of Leif Larson. (which doesn't last long in this book). Nicole goes through trying experience of anyone in this story. The authors really do a service to women who think they might have breast cancer, but are afraid to get mammograms for fear they might be sick. They show Nicole going through each step from the diagnosis to the actual removal. Nicole has always dreamed that it would be her daughter who would become ill, and that she would end up taking care of her. Nicole's emotional ride was well thought out, and appreciated by this reviewer. I appreciated that her best friends gave her space to deal with this, and not bug the heck out of her each and every step of the way.Cassidy was once the Channel 4 hotshot until a new intern, Jenna, comes along and starts stealing some of her thunder. Cassidy starts to take boot camp training from Elizabeth, and soon gets lured into the Game that Elizabeth plays so very well. She is duped out of spending a ton of money on her, and later ends up saving Makayla. Thankfully, Cassidy does her homework and discovers that Jenna was actually trying to catch a story, and a killer at the same time. Too late for Jenna.There are actually two villians in this novel, but most of the time is spent telling Elizabeth Newsom Avery's story. The writers did a good job of putting together the background of work which led Sissy, as she is called, into killing, and taking what she wants from whomever she targets. Elizabeth's evil drips off the pages, and you find yourself wondering how one person could get this hardcore and evil so quickly.This is the first book in the series that I've actually read, and will most definitely go back and read the first 2 books as I can find them. This can be read a single story, and not part of the entire series. Face of Betrayal and Hand of Fate are the other books in this series thus far. I love the interaction between the 3 main characters. The story itself is realistic, and the characters are actually likeable. This would be recommended to anyone who loves a murder mystery, with a twist of Christina introspective thrown in.Releases 04/05/2011 -- Recvd ARC from publisher. *I received no compensation for reviewing this book from either the publisher or Netgalley.com.