A Superior Death  - Nevada Barr Setting: A Superior Death is set on Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior, Michigan. It is the second in the series and delves into the mysteries both on this wilderness island and in the cold, clear, deep waters of the lake surrounding it. Description: National Park Service ranger Anna Pigeon is posted to an island in Lake Superior, where her interest in wildlife is fully engaged by the local population of humans. Two scuba-diving tourists exploring an old, submerged wreck discover a recent addition: the body of Denny Castle, who ran a commercial diving concession in the park. This makes Anna uneasy about the mysterious disappearance of Donna Butkus, wife of fellow ranger Scotty Butkus.Hawk Bradshaw, who worked with Denny, suggests that there was a link between Denny and Donna, but Hawk is less revealing about the nature of the relationship he and his twin sister had with the dead man and the impact Denny's recent marriage (to yet another woman) had on it. The Bradshaws aren't the only reticent ones here; indeed, Barr's characters hide enough unsavory secrets to keep a soap opera humming for months. Despite the wealth of personal intrigue, FBI agent Frederic Stanton looks for a drug connection to the murder: "I'm all for drugs . . . Takes the guesswork out of law enforcement." The levelheaded Anna is again a treat as she and a couple of minor characters whose lives don't verge on melodrama keep the story from floundering on the rocks.**Review** Another wild ride from Ms Barr and our heroine Anna Pigeon. Anna is mystified at who could be the killer, since everyone has something to hide. The suspenseful ending was just what this story needed, and of course the addition of Frederic to the storyline is interesting as well.