Dark of the Moon - John Sandford **Synopsis** Far from the usual cynical, borderline-depressed investigator, Virgil Flowers is a likable, hang-loose sort of sleuth who enjoys life and seems to relish handling the "hard stuff" for his boss, Lucas Davenport (Sandford's Preyseries hero makes a brief cameo). Flowers's assignment is to investigate several gruesome murders in a small town. Unlike the harder-edged Preyseries, Moonis more of an entertainment, allowing Flowers to supplement his determined quest for justice with witty conversation and several romantic interludes. Conger matches the lighter moods with a mellow, almost mesmerizing matter-of-fact delivery, adjusting his vocal range just slightly to differentiate speakers. But when the action demands it-such as the grim opening murder scene or the suspenseful storming of the cult leader's encampment-Conger's voice takes on a properly hardboiled intensity.**Review** The Dark of the Moon is a murder mystery novel in which a series of brutal murders plague a small town in Minnesota called Bluestem. These kinds of killings would never happen in an area like Bluestem. Virgil Flowers, an agent from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, is sent in to unscramble the mystery that has the small town on edge. Virgil is also teamed up with the county sheriff Jim Stryker. As the novel carries on, Flowers and Stryker go through many obstacles and complications that impede their success in finding the perpetrator. Once the novel is over and done, everything has fallen into place and Virgil has to take part in a thrilling stand off with the evil doer.I love that EFFING Virgil Flowers! (This is what Lucas's wife calls him each and ever time he calls, which then leads to others, including fellow investigators, to do as well!) Having read each and every one of the Prey series with Lucas Davenport, you can't go wrong with following this series as well. Virgil is one of the most likeable and funny characters you will find in a murder mystery setting. Yes, he answers to Lucas still, and their interaction is a big part of this series as well, but he is also uniquely different from Lucas. He is a fly fisherman who writes on the side, as well as being a BCU investigator. I recommend this series to everyone who enjoys a little mayhem in their dietary supplement of reading.