Wish You Well - David Baldacci This is the story of two children whose life is changed in the flash of an angry moment. What follows is a story of undaunted spirit as Lou and Oz are sent off to live with their great-great grandmother, Louisa Mae Cardinal, in the mountains of rural, Virginia. The lessons of hard work and simplicity bring to light the strength and determination of those that make their home in the shadow of the Appalachian Mountains.It is with Louisa Mae, that a true respect for the land is instilled within the children while learning the importance of a supportive mountain community during rough times. They find that true treasure lies within themselves, not in the material goods that the outside world puts so much importance upon. When Natural gas is found on Louisa Mae's farm that love of the land is heartily put to the test. The book wraps up with a courtroom scene in some ways reminiscent of "To Kill a Mockingbird". This book is not only touching but uplifting. There are several revelations that are quite unexpected, along with a cast of characters alive and vivid with the history of the era. Lou has a wonderful way of saying just what we all would like to say leaving the reader with the satisfaction that a strong purposeful character brings to a book. Their speech patterns only add to the time and place. You can hear the soft twang of the mountain folk. Baldacci has brought these mountains to life in this book and I for one enjoyed it tremendously.