Deadly Harvest - Heather Graham Aidan, Jeremy and Zach Flynn inherited a mansion outside of New Orleans from a great-aunt whom they have never heard of before her death. Aidan, the oldest of the brothers, and his now-wife Kendall deal with their own ghosts that haunt the mansion in Deadly Night. Deadly Harvest opens in New Orleans just before Halloween as Jeremy Flynn is involved in a series of debates with Rowenna Cavanaugh on the use of paranormal abilities in detective work. Rowenna is open to the possibilities but Jeremy is adamantly closed-minded. Still the debates are a great money-raiser for Aidan and Kendall Children’s House charities. Investigating Mary’s disappearance, Jeremy uses the more conventional way of investigation, while Rowenna uses her intuition and research. Ro, through her dreams and intuition, is convinced that what is known as the Harvest Man is behind it. The Harvest Man was believed to be a myth/legend, but with more research, she discovers that someone is trying to repeat stories of the past. Jeremy doesn’t believe it - can’t believe that a myth is to blame - and that a flesh and blood killer is who they’re searching for - and someone local to boot. No one wants to believe that - and most don’t, until it’s almost too late. This book is a perfect blend of thriller, paranormal and yes romance as well. The cover makes it appear like a horror novel, but if horror is not your thing I would definitely give it a chance. It's based around Salem and thankfully not witches, but a cooler creepy legend called the Harvest Man. A good read, couldn't put it down in the end, and it was surprising who the killer actually was.