Dead Is Not An Option - Marlene Perez Dead Is Not An Option by Marlene Perez is the fifth and final book in the Dead Is Series featuring Daisy Giordano, a part time psychic sleuth and senior at Nightshade High School. Daisy’s telekinetic and telepathic abilities make her a force to be reckoned with. She lives in Nightshade, California, a town inhabited by other paranormal-types such as vampires, witches, ghosts, mermaids, and werewolves. Her mother is a psychic investigator, while her father teaches part time at the university and continues to write his book about his experiences at being kidnapped and held hostage by the evil Scourge. For Daisy, it is now springtime and she still has not received any college acceptance letters that all her other friends, including Ryan, have. At the same time, everyone is on edge and tensions are high after a series of attacks on young vampires and werewolves are causing a major rift at the council and among the students at Nightshade. The conflict carries over to the Giordano home as well, where both Rose and Daisy are dating werewolves, while Poppy’s boyfriend Liam is a vampire. Celebrity chef/sorceress Circe Silvertongue is back in town, and Daisy has to try to convince her to free the spirit (Lil) she trapped in a jukebox long ago, and to also change her pet pig, Balthazar, back into the man he once was. I haven’t read the first four books, but I will. In the meantime, I had the chance to read this via, and am glad I did. Daisy is a spirited character with the spunk and energy of an adult twice her age. She is loyal to her friends, and will try to do anything to get Lil and Balthazar released from Circe’s spell. I enjoy the fact that she has some fun with her sisters who are already going to the university she has chosen. She fights off the Scourge with her abilities, and nearly dies in the process. She even gets fantastic news over the course of the book, and the choice she evenutally makes, sadly, won't be known to the reader since the series is finished.I love Slim, the ghost who runs Slim’s Café, and Natalie his witch girlfriend who both seem to be genuine at heart. There is some real sadness when one of the characters father is killed by the leader of the Scourge, then there is a very happy ending for two who deserved nothing but the best after what they went through.My only real complaint is that if felt as though the writer was in a rush to end this series, and thus part of the story was glossed over, or ignored completely. Maybe that was the intent all along. We shall never know since it’s been told that she is working on a spin-off to this series.Expected publication: May 2nd 2011