The Rembrandt Affair - Daniel Silva Gabriel Allon is one of my favorite characters of all time, and this story doesn’t do anything to tarnish that feeling for me. Mr. Silva weaves a wonderful and interesting plot of intrigue and political suspense and deception from the painting world where there’s been a huge rush on stealing priceless paintings from museums and private collections that are never seen again. To a nuclear ambitious Iran looking to spread its brand of terrorism throughout the world, as well as a multi-billionaire George Soros wannabe who got his start off the ill-gotten goods and monies of those who died during the Holocaust and who people actually believe is a Saint for the money he has given away. Easy to give away money when it was originally not yours. Just saying.Allon is supposed to be retired from the Office and helping Chiara get back on her feet and heal her body and spirit. But, when Julian Isherwood arrives and explains what happened to the recently unknown Rembrandt painting, Allon finds himself intrigued and motivated into finding the painting, which includes taking Chiara along as backup. Allon’s journey takes him from England, where he finds out that the painting was damaged by a bullet which killed the restorer that Allon once knew. To Argentina and the home of one of the most notorious Nazi criminals named Kurt Voss who made a fortune off the ill gotten goods of victims of the Holocaust. Voss actually coerced the Rembrandt painting from the Weinberg family so that one daughter could survive, while the rest of her family died in Auschwitz. Back to Israel where he puts together his team after he and Chiara survive a bomb meant to kill the couple. To Switzerland where a billionaire who is known for his good deeds, is actually a deviant who spreads ill throughout the world and is working with China and Iran into making Iran a nuclear power.The story of Holocaust survivor Hanna Weinberg, and how she survived when her family didn’t, was very emotional to me. You have to have absolutely no heart at all to not feel for the millions of Jews that were killed from 1938 to 1945. This isn’t your normal Allon story. He has become older, and now more focused on his marriage to Chiara. This takes priority over his work for the Israeli Office where he is still the best assassin and operator living. He has tried to go back to being a painting restorer, but once again is dragged back into a nightmare situation.He’s still the angel of death no matter where he goes and or who he goes after. Anyone who harms his people, including a very spunky reporter named Zoe Reed who joins Allon and crew in taking down the billionaire a notch or two, pay the price. Zoe’s character was actually pretty well centered into the middle of the storyline and not just an afterthought like so many other characters often are. If there are other stories in this book, it will be interesting to see if she is used again now that she is reporter living in the US. The ending of this book leaves a lot of questions about how much longer Mr. Silva will continue this series. Allon has been around since the Munich disaster, and is getting older, and older. He and Chiara definitely want to have children together before its too late. Allon, meanwhile, still carries the memories of his dead child Dani and his ex wife who continues to in an assisted care facilty.I know that there is another release scheduled for July called Portrait of a Spy (07/01/2011). I guess we'll see if this is a retrospective book, or a concurrent storyline about Iran.*Personal note* Please don't read if you get angry easily.History is often used as a backdrop for these stories, and in this case the current world of economic downturn, a China that is doing whatever it can to place a monopoly on every kind of goods and services they can get their hands on, to Iran where the leader is a fanatic and a loose cannon and who wants nothing less than the end of the world as we know it. I wish more people would actually read about world history so that we don't continue to repeat it over and over again. Things like the Holocaust should NEVER happen again if people stand up and say enough is enough to bigotry and hatred. Sad to say that there are people who don't care one way or the other.