Kiss Me, Kill Me - Allison Brennan Kiss Me, Kill Me by Allison Brennan is the second story in the Lucy Kincaid Series with If I Should Die releasing 11.22.2011 and a fourth book is in the works per authors web page.This book shifts focus between Lucy Kincaid and security expert Sean Rogan, to FBI Agent Suzanne Madeaux, along with partner NYPD Detective Panetta who are searching for a serial killer dubbed the Cinderella Strangler who has killed four women. Madeaux is an agent who likes working and living in NYC, and has refused a promotion to go anywhere else. She has the nickname of Mad Dog, and she grew up in a small town in Louisiana, and has had an excellent clearance rate since she was assigned to NYC 10 years before. Madeaux’s killer suffocates his/her victims with a plastic bag, and takes one of their shoes as a souvenir. Lucy and Sean are exploring their relationship, and getting closer. The problem is that Lucy has had a hard life up till this point. Luckily, she has a very supportive family including brother Patrick Kincaid who isn’t all that fond of Lucy’s relationship with Sean, his friend and business partner. Lucy’s goal is to become an FBI agent and up to this point, she has passed all the tests easily. Unfortunately, we find out that someone has it in for Lucy because of her past in taking down Adam Scott, who raped her 7 years before, and in bringing down Fran Buckley, her former boss.In an effort to get Lucy back into a good mood after getting disappointing news, he asks for her help in finding his missing relative Kirsten Benton who has been missing for 5 days. Benton is a distant cousin to the Rogan family. When Lucy agrees to help, she finds clues that lead them to NYC, and a social network called Party Girl where silly teenagers pose nude and then post the pictures to the internet where anyone can see them.It seems that Kirsten disappeared after attending a rave, an underground or secret party with drugs, sex and alcohol. As their paths cross, Lucy, Sean and Suzanne end up working together to find the Cinderella Strangler. Naturally, Lucy is written as being some sort of super heroine who can solve any crime, which I find outlandish, but this is fantasy after all.The killer is not who anyone thought, and even I was blindsided after Lucy made the discovery that the killer could be a female. In the end, the killer is brought to justice, and Lucy gets her wish of joining the FBI.Thoughts: I liked Suzanne a lot more than I did Lucy. Lucy comes across as knowing the worlds answers to everything, and that’s just a wee bit annoying. I thought Suzanne was firm, and very good at her job even though she was missing some very important clues to finding her true killer. Of course, I love the setting of NYC for this book, unlike the previous book. Lucy and Seth’s relationship should be interesting to watch as this series progresses. This is definitely a mystery novel, with romance thrown in-between.