Cryptic Cravings - Ellen Schreiber Rating: 3.0Genre: YA Paranormal/RomanceMild Spoiler Warning:Cryptic Cravings, by Ellen Schreiber, is the Eighth novel in the Vampire Kisses series featuring Raven Madison the gothic monster girl who wants to be a vampire and live her undead life with Alexander Sterling. Okay, so, this is my bad habit in admitting that I’ve actually read each and every book in this series. Not only to laugh, but because they are quick reads at only 200 plus pages. Plus, there hasn't been any three way relationships that most YA writers seem destined to fall into.This book was rather mild in comparison to the previous novels in the series. Raven is still on her quest to become the vampire she has always dreamed to be. She and love of her life Alexander Sterling are closer than ever and are about ready to celebrate their 17th and 18th birthdays respectively. Alexander even gives her an eternity ring, no, it's not an engagement rignt Mom! But now, Raven and Alexander learn that Jagger and Sebastian plan on building a club in Dullsville one that will rival the Coffin Club. After Sebastian bit Luna, they pretended that had left town. But, they are soon exposed to what they are really doing in town. On the nemesis side of the story, Luna is still annoying as hell and has her claws dug deep into Sebastian’s soul. Only once does Luna not come across as a total ball and chains kind of girl. Sebastian actually believes that he loves her, much to the chagrin of Raven. She even convinces her brother to have a binding ceremony that explodes in her face thanks yet again, to the interference of Raven. Yes, Raven either is in the middle of everything, or the cause of it. On the what the hell just happened front? There is a bit of mystery surrounding what is happening between Trevor and Raven. Trevor actually seems almost human and likable this time around, and then Raven goes and has this intimate dream where Trevor tells Raven he loves her. What does it say about dreams that they are our consciousness telling us the real truth our body refuses to believe? Then, he gives her a bracelet with her name engraved on it. I mean, what the hell is happening here? Here I thought Trevor was in love with Scarlet, who is Raven’s vampire friend from the Coffin Club who once thought she was a vampire, only to find out later that she's human. The Oh Shit moment of the book: On the night that Alexander and Raven are celebrating their birthdays by partying in the new club, Becky finally figures out that Alexander, Jagger, Sebastian, Luna, Onyx and Scarlet are vampires. Raven doesn’t try to hide the truth from her. And, yes she totally freaks out and nearly passes out after learning the news. The question remains: Will she inadvertently let this secret out and thus the town will go all Frankenstein on Alexander and the others and they will have to leave town? Or, can she keep her mouth shut and just allow Raven her HEA? Time shall tell.SURPRISE! Alexander has a sister! Hint: It’s the name of the next book in the series.Next book in series: 9. Stormy Nights (2012)