Frankenstein: The Dead Town - Dean Koontz Rating: 2.5 starsGenre: Dark FantasyDean Koontz's The Dead Town is the last book in the Frankenstein series and I must say that after reading the entire series, I am very happy that it is ending---finally! It is the final battle between Victor Frankenstein, his master piece creation Deucalion, and humanity itself. The battle has reached Rainbow Falls, Montana and thousands have already been murdered or turned into Builders by so called Builders and Communitarians better known as Replicants have taken over all major community leadership positions like the mayor and police. The only businesses that have not been taken over are the radio station and the newspaper but that doesn't stop them from trying. Some civilians like Mr. Lyss, Nummy, FBI Agent Foster, as well as Bryce, Sully and Travis have finally figured out what is happening, and are now grouping to fight back for the survival of their town and their race. There are also the survivors of the Riders in the Sky Church who have gathered together to take a stand along with Carson and Michael.I actually found this story interesting, but lacking in the ability to keep me focused on what is happening. Yes, I am happy that Deucalion finally meets his maker and the town and humanity is saved. What put a spur under my ass, was the inactivity of Carson O'Connor and Michael Maddison. Carson and Michael are former NOPD Homicide Detectives who assisted Deucalion in stopping Victor from spreading his evil around the country, and then the world. Since then, they have moved to San Francisco and started working as Private Investigators. They, along with Erika Five and Jocko, play such a minor roles in this book, that I felt cheated. I think Jocko actually got more action than the couple did. The way the book ended was right out of a hollywood movie script. Maybe that was the point in trying to continue this series; a movie deal. I'm not really sure if I can recommend this book to anyone other than those who have already read the first 4 books in the series and liked them. I was happy to have this series ending after book 3, and felt book 4 was a waste of time and effort by Koontz who normally is such a good writer and story teller.