Save Me - Lisa Scottoline *~*Rating*~* 3.0 *~*Genre*~* Mystery, Suspense~*~Review~*~Save Me, by Lisa Scottoline, is a stand-alone novel that tells the story of Rose McKenna, a former magazine and catalog model, who has a volunteer lunch mother, goes through a nightmare scenario that most of us can only shutter at.Rose witnesses bullying by a little girl named Amanda towards her own daughter Melinda Cadiz (Melly for short) because of a birthmark on her face. As she is giving Amanda and her friends a lesson in what is considered to be a good student. A explosion rocks the cafeteria and Rose is forced to make a life or death decision to save not only her daughter, but the school bully as well.Rose goes from being a hero to goat because Amanda ends up badly hurt after doing something absolutely stupid. The general population, including the media and Amanda’s mother, starts to persecute her, including on Facebook, and calling her all sorts of names. They all blame Rose for being more interested in saving her daughter than ensuring Amanda made it out alive. Ok, first, I would have done the same thing in her position. Without spoiling anything, Rose did what any sane mother would have done in the same situation if her child was in harm’s way.But, then the story changes from one about bullying and a mother’s heroic rescue of her daughter, to murder, conspiracy, and a cover-up by a US Senator and others to hide the truth about what is happening, or happened at a local potato chip factory.I’ve pretty much read everything Scottoline has written since being introduced to the Rosato & Associates series years ago. I enjoy the fact that she uses Pennsylvania as the background for her stories especially when she portrays the Italian families of that state. I’ve really haven’t had all that many problems following along, or enjoying the story until now. This story seems almost rushed to print and at times, extremely annoying at others. I’m not sure what the intent behind the story was. I mean yes, I loved the fact that Rose is such a strong mother figure who will go to any means to protect her children. Then, of course, she changes into superhero mother who has to race off and abandon said children and husband to find out why the cafeteria went up in flames and who is to blame.I really didn’t much care for the husband figure in this book. His wife is facing charges of child endangerment, child abuse, malice and intent to harm another, and if the child dies, Third degree murder. They could basically lose everything they’ve worked for if the child dies. What does he do? He continues to do his job as a lawyer and then complains when Rose refuses to let him know what is happening with her. Naturally, we have a twist to the story that involves Rose’s past and the fact that she ran over a small child on Halloween and accidentally killed him. This has haunted her for years, even when she was working as a catalog model. Rose, of course, never told anyone, not even her best friend Annie or her husband. The media, of course, is responsible for that unveiling much to Rose's chagrin and my anger since I hate media intrusion into the private lives of individuals. End note: It has been said before, and I actually surprisingly agree. This would have made a good Lifetime Movie of the Week. It has all the ingredients of being twisted enough for it to actually worked.