Deadly Night - Heather Graham Aidan and his two brothers, Jeremy and Zachary, have inherited an old plantation in New Orleans from an aunt they didn’t even know existed. The Flynn plantation has a hauntingly sad but beautiful back-story. Their ancestors have been depicted in the history books as two cousins who killed each other over a woman. Later, the story is cleared up do to an old diary. Seems they hadn’t killed each other over a woman, but rather a case of mistaken identiy while defending said woman. But Aidan doesn’t believe in ghosts or hauntings. He’s found two different thigh bones, both belonging to different women, one on the grounds of the plantation, the other down by the river. Aidan, a private investigator, is a man who prefers to deal with facts. What he wasn’t prepared for was Kendall. A tarot card reader, Kendall has a degree in psychology, and she doesn’t really believe in ghosts or hauntings either. Until the Death card starts to literally laugh at her. Every time the Death card has ever laughed at her, the women whose cards she’s reading seems to disappear without a trace. Aidan doesn’t like Kendall; he believes she’s a quack right from their first meeting, not knowing her background. Kendall doesn’t like Aidan; he’s arrogant, a jerk, and because he believes she’s a quack when she really isn’t. He doesn’t approve of tarot readers - he believes they are nothing but frauds. And that gets her back up. I also found it a tad slow. I think there should have been more action, whether on the heros’ part or the villain’s. Disfigured and dismembered voodoo dolls and being plunged into the dark wasn’t enough. The end of the story almost makes up for it. I didn't like that at the end, the ghosts suddenly came and killed the bad guy. Before that, the ghost story was subtle, but that moment undermined the whole setup. If they could do that, why weren't they more specific all along? Why didn't they save the last victim? And it wasn't as if Aiden couldn't have handled things.