Doppelgangster - Laura Resnick *Rating* 3.0*Genre* Science Fiction*Review*Struggling actress Esther Diamond suddenly finds herself unemployed after the musical Sorcerer!, shuts its doors because of monetary cost overruns due largely to the events of Disappearing Nightly. On a whim, she asks and is granted her job back as a singing waitress at Bella Stella’s a NYC hangout and tourist attraction for the Italian Mafia. In the meantime, her fledgling relationship with Irish-Cuban Detective Connor Lopez is having some growing issues that may end up breaking them up if they can’t find a way to spend some quality time together. They both have families who expect them to be so much better than they already are. Lopez comes from a traditional Catholic family, while Esther is a nice Jewish girl whose own family would freak out if she ever converted. He doesn’t care for the fact that she’s waitressing in a mob bar and he especially doesn’t like the fact that she hangs around Maximillan Zadok who he believes is nothing but trouble and seems to be the first person she turns to when there’s trouble. With all the dislikes, and family pressure, it’s a wonder this relationship has made it this far.Connor, who has been transferred to the Organized Crime Control Bureau, ends up in conflict with Esther after she witnesses a Copa for the Gambello crime families get murdered right in front of her. This was shortly after he claimed that he saw his perfect double, or a Dopplegangster which foretells his death.But, the Copa isn’t the only person who ends up dead, and the murders aren’t done in your typical Mafioso fashion with guns, knives, and bullets. Instead, there is a supernatural entity that is responsible for the murders and the targets seem to be members of the three mafia families in an attempt to start a war. This series ways on me at times because you’re not sure what the story is really about. Is it a mystery, thriller, suspense, or supernatural? Is it possible to combine all genres and come up with an appealing and funny story at the same time? Yes, and that is what this book does rather decently. For me, I was laughing so hard because of the Italian Brooklyn accents thrown into the story. Being from NY myself, I truly miss it since there’s nothing like it here in Florida.Once again, Esther teams up with Max, and his new familiar Nellie the dog, as well as a semi-retired mobster named Lucky, to untangle the mystery of who is behind the mob killings and why he/she is creating Doppelgansters. Esther once again finds that she is a target for elimination by the nefarious villain because she stumbles her way into age old revenge from someone you least expect.I enjoyed the interaction between Esther and Lucky and Max. I wasn’t as happy to read about the relationship status between Esther and Lopez and what happens at the end. With Connor, there is always going to be the fact that he doesn’t truly trust her or her relationship with Max. In this story, he even goes as far as wondering if she is truly sane or not. My only disagreement with this story is the whole religious aspect. I realize that this happens in real world as well when it comes to families having issues with their kids cross religion relationships and the choices they make. It kind of bugs me and I wonder when we will all stop considering what religion we are, and focus instead on whether two people are compatible in love and similar goals in life. Personally, I don't think anyone should be forced into choosing to stay Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim, or converting to another religion so that they can appease the families.Laura ResnickEsther Diamond1. Diappearing Nightly (2005)2. Dopplegangster (January 2010)3. Unsympathetic Magic (August 3, 2010)4. Vamparazzi (October 4, 2011)