Dead Is So Last Year - Marlene Perez *Rating* 3 stars*Genre* YA Paranormal*Review*Dead is So Last Year is the third book in the Dead is series by Marlene Perez. Daisy, and her sisters Rose and Poppy, have spent the last 3 months in Italy on summer vacation and are now home. Her mother, a paranormal investigator, has stayed behind to do an investigation that is shrouded in mystery and secrecy.With Daisy, Rose and Poppy still on summer break, all three decide to find jobs while their mother is away. Daisy ends up at Slims where she meets the owner and learns a secret about why he seems to never be around. In previous books Slims jukebox, Lil, gave Daisy subtle hints by playing different songs. Said jukebox is mostly out of commission in this story pouting over Daisy being away for so long. Meanwhile, things aren't exactly boring around town. There are some strange happenings, including the appearance of Doppelgängers that appear to resemble the town's supernatural community. When they do show up, they apparently have a major craving for sugary items such as donuts and cotton candy and cause trouble in an effort to embarrass the original models.One of the Doppelgängers shocks Daisy and her sisters to the core because of who he is; Rafe Giordano, the father who has been missing for six long years and had previously been considered as a runaway or even dead by the family. Doppelgänger Rafe can only exist if the real person is still alive; thus giving Daisy and her sisters a glimmer of hope that he will eventually be found. *Note: there is a major cliffhanger ending that leaves the readers wanting the next book in the series now.At the same time, renegade werewolves have seemingly appeared out of nowhere and have almost doubled Nightshades were population. Neither Ryan nor Nicholas Bane, both born werewolves, knows where they came from. But, they can guess that someone has started making new werewolves for nefarious reasons.Daisy notices that the entire football team has suddenly bulked up to twice their size; including her own boyfriend Ryan who she recently found out was a were. When the secret does come out who is to blame and why, it’s a shock to learn that Ryan’s best friend Sean has stupidity got involved in the scheme and is now trying to find a way out before it is too late for him to change back.Here’s the thing about this series. There is always some sort of mystery that surrounds the paranormal population of Nightshade and Daisy ends up getting in the middle of the trouble because it wouldn’t make sense for her to be a timid creature who stood in the background while her sisters did all the work.Daisy still isn't used to having her powers, and much to the chagrin of her sisters, she becomes rusty to the point of barely being able to save herself from trouble. Daisy isn’t the perfect character by any means, but in this case, it really doesn’t matter because that is what makes her so interesting to read about.She is still searching for the reason why her father disappeared when she was 12 years old, but remains hopeful that he is still alive and will be reunited with his family soon.Books with Daisy Giordano as the main character:DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK DEAD IS A STATE OF MIND DEAD IS SO LAST YEAR DEAD IS JUST A RUMOR DEAD IS NOT AN OPTIONThere will be new books in the DEAD IS series! look for the DEAD IS spin-off, which will feature a new main character, Jessica Walsh. DEAD IS A BATTLEFIELD and DEAD IS A KILLER TUNE will be out in 2012.