Unsympathetic Magic - Laura Resnick *Rating* 3.0Genre: Fantasy*Review*Unsympathetic Magic is the third book in the Esther Diamond series. It follows Dopplegangster by two months in the series time line. Esther, a part time actress and waitress at Bella Stella’s, has been cast to play Jilly C-Note, a bi-sexual hooker, junkie, and police stooge in the TV show The Dirty Thirty. Not something her parents are proud of, but, Esther has bills to pay, and needs to eat. Esther is still apart from her almost ex-boyfriend Detective Connor Lopez after he couldn’t deal with Esther eccentricities and strange behavior in both Dopplegangster and Disappearing Nightly where we met Dr. Maximilian Zadok a 350-year old mage who represents the Magnum Collegium in New York City. What doesn’t change in Unsympathetic Magic is Esther’s penchant for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. First, she bumps into deranged gargoyles chasing what appears to be a zombie. Then, after she escapes and tries to call for help, she is arrested for prostitution and needs to call Lopez for help in getting her record expunged.Lopez truly believes that his fellow officers were playing a joke on the cast and crew of the Dirty Thirty because they find the show highly offensive. Esther and Max, of course, have other ideas and that is where Max comes in along with his trusty familiar Nelli. It is also how Esther nearly ends up becoming a human sacrifice because she interfered with the villains plans for world dominatior. Just kidding. She just wanted fame and fortune and lots of money.Unsympathetic Magic dives into the world of voodoo (vodou). It also goes a wee bit too far in educating readers that have no conception of what voodoo really is and why there is a huge difference between good and evil. It’s an interesting take Resnick has on the whole comparison between Haitian voodoo and the Catholic faith. Unfortunately for me, I nearly took a nap after being hit over the head time and time again over the facts that those who participate in voodoo aren't really bad people.Unsympathetic Magic has its humorous moments, mostly from a former lover named Jeffrey Clark who Esther dated when she first moved to New York to become an actress. He is the reason she no longer dates actors.The rest of the supporting cast, while interesting enough, just can’t compare to Dopplegangster in keeping my attention throughout the book. There are several unanswered questions that Resnick will hopefully answer over the course of the next few books. 1. What exactly does Max have against Lithuanians? 2. Where did Lopez get his abilities from? 3. Are Lopez and Esther really broken up, or will this be an never ending storyline for the rest of the series?Upcoming books:4. Vamparazzi (October 4th 2011)5. Polterheist (October 2nd 2012)