Never Knowing - Chevy Stevens *Rating* 3.0 ****Genre* Thriller*Final Review* posted 10/21/2011Things you should know before reading this book. If you haven’t read Still Missing by Ms. Stevens, might I suggest you borrow it from your library, or any other place you can find it for free? Both stories follow the same format where the main character is telling her story to her psychiatrist while we, the reader, look in on their conversations and never really know what the therapist is saying or thinking at the time. Some may like this format, some may find it unappealing.“Never Knowing” is the tale about Sara Gallagher and her plight to find her birth parents. Sara was adopted as a baby, but finds that she is a bit neurotic in wanting to know who her actual birth parents are now that she is a successful business owner, has a 6-year old a daughter named Ally, and is set to be married to Evan in the not too distant future.She grew up in a household where she was the oldest. Her sisters are Lauren, who is 4-years younger, and Melanie who is the youngest and the most free spirit of the sisters. Sara remains friendly with Lauren, but with Melanie it is like fire and gasoline. You need a fire extinguisher just to keep the flames from spreading. In Sara’s efforts to find her parents, she ends up digging up things that were better off being left alone and buried in the past. Sara finds out that her birth mother has no desire to see her and later learns after continued badgering, that she was conceived as a result of her birth mother being raped by a serial killer. If that wasn’t bad enough, the information is then mysteriously leaked to the press causing Sara's biological father, the Campsite Killer, to learn about her -- and being pursuing her and her daughter Ally. Ah, but the fun doesn’t end there! Naturally, she ends up getting involved with the police who want to use her to get closer to the Campsite Killer now that they know he’s her biological father.Sara obsessively believes that her path to finding out why she was given up for adoption, is the right path to take, and will prevent her birth father from coming after her daughter or harming anyone else in her family. Her actions nearly cost her everything she has worked for, including Evan and Ally.Even though I had major problems with Sara’s character, the story itself was on the same par as Still Missing which I enjoyed. This story reads like a ripped from the newspaper headlines where someone goes searching for their birth parents, and ends up finding a monster instead. I would rate this as a psychological thriller based on how Sara’s mind starts playing out other scenarios, including the possibility that she and her daughter will end up like her psychotic father.------------------------------------------------------------------First thoughts 10/18/2011I'm wondering why Stevens finds it is necessary to have her characters seek professional help and guidance and then write her stories as though she is sitting in her therapist office? It was the same exact way for Still Missing.I had a hard time liking the main characters actions and behavior throughout most of this story. I don't blame anyone for trying to find their real parents, but when does enough become enough? When does putting your relationship with your lover, your adoptive parents and siblings, and your child aside to find someone who is pure evil a good thing?When you reach the point where everyone is telling you enough is enough..why is it so hard to stop?