The Perfect Husband  - Lisa Gardner *Rating* 4 Creme Filled Donuts*Genre* Mystery/Thriller/Romance*Review*The Perfect Husband is the first book in what is supposed to be the Quincy/Raine series by Lisa Gardner. FBI profiler Pierce Quincy does play a small part in this series, but it is Theresa (Tess) Williams and J.T. Dillon that the storyline follow throughout the book. The Perfect Husband is an intense drama with a sick, evil, twisted, and sadistic serial killer named Jim Beckett. Beckett, was once a cop, decides that he needs to challenge himself. Thus, he turned to killing young, gorgeous, blonde-haired women. It isn't until he battered, and broken young wife learns the horrific truth, that he ends up briefly caught and imprisoned. Of course, he escapes and focuses heavily on Tess for revenge. Tess is the wife who was brutalized most of her young life not only by her sadistic bastard of a husband Beckett, but her father as well. Tess is one of those characters that you absolutely have to feel emotion for because she really wasn't allowed any free choices in what she did with her life. Her 4 year old daughter Samantha's safety and security is on her mind 24/7 when she decides to forgo police and FBI protection, and seeks out a down and out mercenary to help her fight back against the husband who wants her dead in the worse way after she helped the police put him behind bars. J.T. is the former marine/mercenary who is at the end of his rope and trying hard to make things right with his FBI sister Marion who has a extremely hard past that she refuses to speak to him about. J.T. is at first, a hard core drunk, who swims laps in his pool, and tries to rebel against his father the Colonel who he hates with everything in his being. When Tess shows up, he is torn in what to do about this firecracker of a woman who wants revenge on her husband. Marion is the sister who is hard core in a male dominated FBI that believes she is a dyke and cold and thus unfeeling. That is so far from the truth from what Marion is hiding from those who know her best, including her own brother. She has a dark blight on her past as a child that she can't seem to remember, or she refuses to acknowledge the events that happened to her because they were so awful. Marion's only mistake in this story, is a huge one, and you could see coming a mile away. It still doesn't take away from the powerful emotions it will leave readers feeling upon reaching this point in the story. The rest of the supporting cast is pretty decent, and I absolutely adore Lisa Gardner's ability to put you in the story and put some truth behind the things that are happening to her characters. She obviously takes a real deal of time and effort to look into and research police and FBI procedures when dealing with serial killers. The ending leaves no room for imagination as the stories final climax plays itself out. My only recommendation: Don't get too attached to the characters. This is a bloody story, and lots of people die before it is all wrapped up in a little bow for your enjoyment.Definitely one of those books I would recommend to my friends.