Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels, Book 1) - Keri Arthur *Rating* 3.5*Genre* Paranormal Romance*Review*Darkness Unbound is the first book in a new series from the author who brought us the Riley Jenson Guardian series. The events of this first book take place 25 years after the end of that series which readers of that series get to see how many kids Riley and Leander ended up having.The story is told in the first POV by Risa Jones who is a part werewolf and part Aedh. She is rich, spoiled, and has had pretty much everything in her life handed to her on a silver platter. Her "aunt" is Riley Jenson, the half were-half vampire former operative of the Directorate. Her "uncles" are the vampire Quinn, Liander, and Rhoan who is Riley’s brother. They taught her everything she knows about fighting and defending herself which comes in handy. They have even protected as far as her joining the Directorate which we shall see if that trend continues over the course of this series. Risa, who owns and operates a restaurant with her friends Ilianna and Tao, is thrown into a sticky situation when she learns that something dark has stolen the soul of a little girl she was sent to try to help out by her mother. Reapers are supposed to lead the souls to either heaven or hell; not snatch them away.This leads to a meeting with a Reaper who she names Azriel. Azriel claims that it is her own father, that she has never met, that is rumored to be the responsible party. It is said that he wants to unlock the gates between our world and heaven and hell which would cause utter chaos.Risa is later introduced to yet another Aedh named Lucian DuPont who she immediately pawns over. This is the first time she’s ever met an Aedh and leads to a real blazing hot sex scene in a werewolf club between the two.The one thing readers won’t get is a good look into the mysterious Lucian as Risa is tied up to her eyeballs trying to hold off attackers looking for her father. Azriel plays more of a role in her life and her adventures than Lucian which concerns me in that he absolutely has secrets that he is withholding from Risa Risa suffers a heartbreaking loss event towards the end of this book which pretty much drives her into an agreement with the vampire Madeline Hunter who is also head of the Directorate. This can only lead to bad things for Risa, including an her inclusion as a member of the Directorate like Riley and Rhoan before her. The one constant of BOTH series is the 3-way sex scenes, the graphic nature of said sex scenes and of course, the inability of one character to remain in a solid relation with one person at a time.Hopefully, as this series transverses Risa's determination to find out who killed a very important character to her, she will settle down like Riley did with Quinn.Keri ArthurDark Angels1. Darkness Unbound (September 27, 2011) 2. Darkness Rising (October 25, 2011)3. Darkness Devours (June 5th 2012)