The Burning Soul (Charlie Parker, #10) - John Connolly *Rating* 3.0*Genre* Mystery*Completed Review*Although this is a story in the Charlie Parker series, Parker felt, to me, like a periphery character instead of the main character. He really messes a lot of important information and clues and nearly gets himself arrested, again, and loses his PI license again! It’s become a habit for Parker to push those around him, including the FBI and Maine State Police as well as those he comes in contact with to the brink of their patience threshold.I loved the presence once again of Louis and Angel and wish that Connolly would consider spinning them off for even one entire book without Charlie around to muddle things up. The duo always ends up showing up at the right time and the right moment to once again save Charlie’s ass from being put in the ground. I also enjoyed the fact that they are on a quest to save girls from being victims of sex slaves. I also loved the fact that even though they are a couple, they don’t flaunt themselves to others in a flaming manner.The whole thing with Randall Haight is just twisted and creepy. Yes, at age 14 he and his best friend killed a young girl. Yes, they each went away to prison for 18 years for their actions and later got a second chance at redemption. But, you just have to read the entire story to figure out that nothing is what is seems and everyone involved has some secrets they are hiding. Not even Haight is who he claims to be.Parker is still trying to make his way in life after losing his first wife (Sarah) and his first child (Jennifer). He believes that his daughter is a spirit that guides him towards the bad men, while his deceased wife is just a shade of what she once was who is there to protect the daughter from the shadow men.He has become a dark avenging angel and I'm not really sure where this story will end for him once the series does come to an end. What I do hope for is that Charlie ends up spending more time with his daughter Rachel, his second daughter with his ex-girlfriend Rachel who has since moved on with someone else because of Charlie’s instance on putting himself on the front line of danger.If you enjoy mysteries with a paranormal flavor, then this series is definitely worth the time it takes to read. It is dark and sometimes disturbing, and this time around it’s even creepier with the Raven’s hanging around just watching everything that is happening around them.Positive: In the story, the main storyline is that of a missing girl by the name of Anna Kore who just happens to live within a few miles of Randall Haight. Thankfully, Connolly chose the right course in bringing her story to a happy ending and not finding yet another way to kill a character off or have her demise come at yet another shadow man character with evil intent.