Vamparazzi - Laura Resnick *Rating* 3.0*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Review*Vamparazzi is the fourth novel in the Esther Diamond series by Laura Resnick. Esther once again finds herself in the middle of a supernatural quagmire when she portrays Jane Aubrey in a play called The Vampyre. When a body of a woman who previously attacked Esther is discovered exsanguinated, Esther is introduced to the real world of vampires who she thought were a myth. If you haven’t followed this series, pretty much everything that Esther has ever known about the real world, has been thrown out the door after being introduced to Dr. Maximillian Zadok a 350-year old mage who works for the Magnum Collegium. As for the story itself, nothing really remarkable happens other than the pulling back on the curtain of Max’s obsession with Lithuanians and a possible reunion between Detective Carson Lopez and Esther after a tumultuous break-up. Lopez is still a non-believer in the supernatural which puts his life in jeopardy time and time again. But, he also seemingly finds a way to thwart the bad vampire without even realizing he did so.Esther’s agent Thackeray Shackleton is introduced after being a tertiary character for most of the previous three books. He has always been the person to whom Esther talks to on the phone about getting new acting jobs. Thack is a whole lot more than he appears to be which will be interesting to see if he plays more of a role in Esther’s life from here on out.Then there's Esther’s new actor friend Leischneudel Drysdale. Drysdale protects her from the angry Vamparazzi mob who wants to get rid of her because of her role in the play and being close to Daemon Ravel the lead actor. Drysdale has a pretty nifty secret all of his own that he’s been trying to hide away from others. Thanks to Esther’s brilliant blundering about into the wrong place and the wrong time, his secret is exposed. Back to Max. I've been waiting patiently for an explanation as to why he has an obsession with Lithuanians and stays away from them at all costs. With Vamparazzi's release, the reason becomes abundantly clear and readers shouldn't make claims that the facts weren't laid out perfectly for them by Resnick.Resnick takes readers back to 1733 when Max was introduced to Jurgis Radvilla and their brief friendship and alliance that followed a vampire outbreak of deadly costs. Radvilla, it seems, was not only a vampire hunter, but a Lithuanian born vampire as well. Radvilla answered to the Council of Gediminas which is the ruling body for all born and made vampires. In other words, they’re the vampire world’s police, judge, jury, and executioners. As per agreement between the COG and Max's Magnum Collegium, the COG handles all issues pertaining to vampires and it forces Max to remain at arm’s length. THAT is why Max asks everyone he meets whether or not they are of Lithuanian heritage. It is to avoid a conflict of interest between the two groups.^ such a simple reasoning to a complex question. The Esther Diamond series is part slap stick comedy, part urban fantasy, and part mystery as well. I found myself laughing, but not as much as the previous books. Naturally, the whole Lopez/Esther storyline has me boggled as to why she continually tortures us with hints of a rebound relationship.One can only hope that Esther and Lopez either remain apart, or Lopez figures out that he has some very cool powers that have saved Esther several times over the course of the first 4 books.Polterheist (Esther Diamond #5) releases October 2, 2012.