The Isis Collar  - Cat Adams *Rating* 3.5*Genre* Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy mixed breed*Review*The Isis Collar, by Cat Adams, is the fourth novel in the Blood Singer series. Celia is a part vampire, part siren bodyguard who is warned by clairvoyant Dottie that a bomb will go off in a local school. Upon arrival, her warnings are ignored by the principal and security is asked to show her to the door.That doesn’t stop our heroine from jumping to the rescue like she always does. Celia ends up in the right place at the wrong time and two bombs go off. Two weeks later, she is still sporting a massive headache and a huge black bruise on her thigh where a kid bit her that won’t heal.Enter, FBI Special Agent Dominic Rizzoli a level 8 intuitive who claims that Celia has been affected by a powerful magic. The magic interferes with her short and long term memories and is turning children and adults into zombie like creatures thanks to a virus known as M. Necrose. Rizzoli has become something of a protector of Celia since the local cops want to put her away for any infraction no matter how small it is. I'm to the point in this series where I actually feel kind of sorry for Celia Graves's character. She was kidnapped and watched her sister die when she was 12. (Her sister is now a very powerful ghost that has the ability to take over a person’s body.)Her best friend Vicky is dead by her own hand and has since moved on after leaving a bundle of money for Celia and others. She has been attacked by a master vampire and nearly transformed into a bat/vampire. She's got siren blood that she hasn't exactly got used to yet or the fact that she’s royalty within the siren community. Her mother Lana is a drunk and doesn't care who knows about it or who she hurts as long as she can have her nippy daily. And, her grandmother pretty much blames Celia for all their problems.She now has two men, John Creede (who disappears for a time in this story and turns up later drained of his mage powers) and Bruno DeLuca (who previously betrayed Celia not once, but twice), playing a game of the heart for her affections. What's a poor girl to do? As a follower or reader of my reviews you know by now that I am an anti-3-way love triangle kind of gal. This is an adult series and Celia shouldn’t be stringing either man around by their ball sack. My feeling is that Bruno had his chances with Celia and totally blew them. Back away slowly and let Creede have his chance.But I digress. The title of this story is the Isis Collar, and yet it didn’t come into play until near the end of the story where it was revealed that it was given by the Goddess Isis to the Fifth Pharaoh. Its uses are pretty simple; it steals magic away from mages or witches to the point where they are defenseless. She so called villain does the evil deed because of her hatred of all things John Creede.Naturally, we can’t just have a tidy ending. This time the writing duo has decided to leave readers wondering whether or not things are going to get even works for Creede and Celia. Don’t you just love cliffhanger endings?Overall, a decent story that once again pushes Celia to her limits. There are times I wish Celia wasn’t such a good person who feels the need to protect everyone she knows. She needs to start helping herself and let others help themselves.