Florence (Florence Waverley, #1) - Ciye Cho *Genre* Young Adultish*Rating* 3.0*First Thoughts*This is a stand-alone? Really? It can't be! There are too many unanswered questions, especially the ending, that need to be wrapped up.17 year old Florence Waverley lives on Hamilton Island, which I'm presuming is in Australia. She tries hard just to sit back and take things in without making too many waves. She loves to take pictures with her camera, yet rarely if ever has her own picture taken. Florence is seriously shy and doesn't care to interact with anyone for longer than 5 minutes.Later, while on a field trip to the beach with the rest of her class, Florence finds herself being dragged underwater and taken to the kingdom of Niemela where merman and mermaids roam freely. It seems she is supposed to be a human coronation gift to the next king of Niemela Prince Kiren.Somehow, she is able to speak and understand Niemela after another Prince Rolan, puts a poly on the back of her neck after capturing her. This understanding shocks the residents and divides the population to the fact that they all want to see her gone from their home. Yet the unanswered question for me is, how? How is she all of a sudden able to speak and understand Niemelian?She soon finds a constant friend and companion in Princess Yolee who treats her as near equals and gets her to understand that everyone within Niemela has some sort of job to do, be it menial, or being a soldier. Florence is the only one without any sort of place in this environment since she really isn't expected to survive in this place.Florence soon becomes enamored with the whole Niemela lifestyle and learns that she has now become the one being observed which isn't a comfortable feeling to have. She also learns to have strong feelings for a certain Prince which festers right until the end of the story. Florence is a story that takes place over a period of 6 days. 90 percent of the book is told from Florence's POV with the rest being a sort of interlude, or break, so that readers can find out that there is a strong mystery and plot involving Kiren and the so called Wise One's.Final thoughts - I actually found the world building to be A plus. I loved the fact that most of the story takes place underwater, and there are different colored merman and mermaids. The mystery as to whom the Wise One's are has been answered with a stunning ending to the story. I truly would like to see a sequel to this story so that this question is put to bed once and for-all. As a character, Florence will grow on you. You can't help but end up liking her because she stands up for what is right including protecting her friend Yolee from harm. There is a hint of romance as well, yet, it isn't tossed in readers faces from the first 50 pages onward.