Demons - Heather Frost *YA Paranormal Romance*Rating 3.0*Review*18 year old Kate Bennett is a new seer. She became a seer after she was nearly killed in the same accident which took her parents lives. Kate is able to see auras that surround people. Auras are the colors of emotions that surround people indicating their mood, and whether or not they are human, demon, or guardian. Kate is also a rarity in that she can see more than one aura at a time.Kate is caught between two worlds, the regular world and the supernatural one. Her abilities make her a prime target for Demons like the Demon King and Far Dearg. Kate isn’t alone however. She has two guardians in Patrick O’Connell and Antonio (Toni) as well as her own grandfather who has the same abilities as Kate.Thankfully, I made it through the first part of this book which was slower than the molasses in January. As reviewers we know that there will be some sort of paraphrasing to let other readers know what Kate is able to do and why. There are times I really don’t much care for the normality of things like Kate in school, or watching her annoying twin sisters play soccer or recital. I want to get to the meat of the matter as soon as humanly possible. I could even care less about the color of her best friend Lee’s clothing when she decides to dress all in orange, and then blue. I wanted to learn about the biological weapon that was created by the Demons to take down the Guardians and affects Patrick. I want to know about Kate’s new found abilities, and what she can do with them. I want to know that Toni and Patrick are going to survive no matter what because they are the good guys and Kate can’t do much without them by her side even though she continues to tempt fate by running off by herself without any sort of backup.We know that Kate and Patrick have formed a bond with is pretty unshakeable and he would do anything for her. Naturally, this bond came after Kate kicked her old boyfriend Aaron to the curb who did nothing more than be totally supportive of her after her parents died. In the end, however, I can’t fault Kate and Patrick’s relationship. It’s sweet, and it doesn’t cross the line into forced sex scenes and unnecessary chatting.Then, of course, something happens to Patrick and I found myself hooked like a fish that just can't seem to ignore the lure and worm floating in front of them. We then learn that Kate is a rarity and that’s why the Demon King wants her so badly. We get a glimpse of her new abilities in this book, and then the ending left me wanting the final book of this series, Guardians, like yesterday.I will say that this book is a marked improvement from Seers the first book in the series. Kate has learned that she's something of a rarity. We get to see a glimpse into Patrick's past, and learn what really happened to his brother Sean. Yeah, totally not spoiling it for anyone! We also know that not all secondary characters will survive until the end of this trilogy. We know that because someone important falls in battle with the demons.People I liked: Aaron had his heart broken when Kate dumped him for Patrick. Yet, he still cares for her ALOT, and comes through for her once again when she needs it. I also liked her best friend Lee and her spunky wardrobe even though it took up too much of the storyline. Now it appears that there will be more new characters that will play important roles in the conclusion of this trilogy.ARC provided by publisher via NetGalleyExpected publication: September 11th 2012 by Cedar Fort Books