Cast in Fury - Michelle Sagara *Fantasy* Dragons, Magic, Fantasy*Rating* 3.5-4.0First Thoughts!I really like this series! Seriously I do. I love the world building. I love the turmoil that Kaylin gets into time and time again. I love the fact that she somehow, someway manages to thwart the bad guys designs with her Old One's magic that hasn't been fully explored as of yet. You learn something new about Kaylin's abilities every time out and not even those around her can imagine what she is capable of.I also love Merrin. I love the fact that she takes in lost and troubled kids and molds them into amazing people. I still want to learn where the tattoos that are on Kaylin's body came from. They are steeped in mystery, yet, contain all sorts of magical mysteries. I also love the different kinds of characters that this series has to offer. Everything from Dragons to Lions, and a few other races like Aerians and Barrani. I still want to know about Kaylin and Lord Nightshade and what it means to be Erenne. I also know that there are plenty more books for me to read to have that explanation explained to me in greater detail!