Moonlight - Tim O'Rourke *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*Review*I’ve been putting off reading Tim’s Kiera Hudson series for months now needing to do something about my never ending TBR pile that continues to grow on a daily basis. With the release of Moonlight and its interesting premise, I found my way into Tim’s clutches, and I’m glad I did. I can honestly say that I am now a fan of his writing and look forward to starting and finishing both of Tim’s Kiera Hudson series as well as the next book in this series. Eighteen-year-old Winter McCall has been living on the streets of London struggling to survive. She meets Thaddeus Blake a supposed writer who offers her a chance of a lifetime; to get off the streets. All she has to do is become Thaddeus’s housekeeper and do what he asks of her, no matter how strange the request is. Since I haven’t read Tim’s other series, I have no comparison to guide me when reviewing her character. I will say that Winnie surprises me with her actions. Without spoiling anything, she really stands up and takes responsibility for her actions at the sake of her own life and that of Thaddeus’s. Winnie isn’t a stupid character by any means. She knows there’s some weird stuff happening around Thaddeus and learns how to adjust to his whims. Thaddeus could be considered the eccentric millionaire who is on the look-out for someone to take care of his estate while he hides away doing whatever he really does. In reality, Thaddeus is much more than that and he hides away a devastating secret. I honestly thought Thaddeus was a different sort of character, and was surprised by the revelation as to what he really is. Of course, not as surprised as Winnie was when the truth comes out. Thaddeus isn’t really the story here. It’s Winnie and her exposure to a whole new world and how she reacts to it. I am not shocked that Tim leaves us hanging in the end. Since I started following reviews of his books, it seems to be normal and not a rarity. So yes, I will somehow, someway find a way to grab hold of the next book when it comes out and find out what Tim has in store for both characters.