The Night She Disappeared - April Henry *Genre* Mystery*Rating* 3.0*First thoughts*As a former delivery driver for a major pizza chain, this book really hits close to home. In my 8 year career as part of this chain, I was also a store manager who worried about my drivers safety when delivering to certain parts of town after certain times of the night. Thankfully, we never had a driver end up in mortal danger or face the circumstances like Kayla does in this book. Like this story, there were times when it was just me and (1) other driver working alone at night. Yeah, fun times had by all! In case you're wondering, it was a small city with a relatively small delivery area thus allowing us to have only 2 people on shift during the slower days of the week. What I liked about this book was the fact that you get the story from several different characters, including the kidnappers, perspective. Normally I dislike more than (1) POV but in this case, it totally made sense in order to see how the story would eventually play itself out. It really portrays police as utterly incompetent in solving any sort of crime of this nature. I really had issues with the Detective that was left in charge of this investigation.Andrew (Drew) Lyle is the kid that knows he's probably not going anywhere. He's a "straight C" student whose own mother is a druggie. He is also known to sell pot to fellow students to make ends meet. It is Drew who takes the order which leads to Kayla Cutlers kidnapping, and in the end, it is Drew who helps rescue Kayla from her kidnapper as the sake of his own life.Gabriella (Gabie) Klug is the girl who has it all. Her parents are noted surgeons who spend more time in the hospital than they do at home. Gabie works at Pete's Pizza as a delivery driver, and on the night that Kayla disappears, it is Gabie that the kidnapper asks for by the car she drives. Gabie, fraught with guilt for trading shifts with Kayla, is the only person that believes that Kayla is still alive. Gabie refuses to give up on Kayla and ends up working with Drew in an attempt to save Kayla's life.Kayla Cutler is the victim of this story. She did absolutely nothing wrong except be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although Kayla doesn't play a large part in this book since she's being held at an undisclosed location, the author did just enough to tell her story and that was good enough for me.