The Friday Society - Adrienne Kress *Genre* Steampunk, Mystery*Rating* 4.0*Full review shortly*I found myself smiling after reading this book. That, my friends, is the formula to get me to rate your book high. I loved the main characters: Cora Bell, assistant to a Member of Parliament and inventor in her own right. Nellie Harrison, assistant to The Great Raheem (Magician) and famous for her ability to get out of tight spots. Michiko Takedo, combat assistant to Callum Fielding-Shaw, aka Asshat. Loved Michiko and her Katana. Loved how she struggled with the English language but understood enough to join forces with Cora and Nellie in fighting crime in 1900 London. My only disappointment is that this is a standalone. Then again, it's nice to have a standalone story instead of series for a change.More later....Published: December 6th 2012 by Dial