The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna Genre: YA Science FictionRating: 4.0*First thoughts*"The Weavers create us, but they don't love us. They stitch us together. They make sure we grow up knowing, always, that we belong to them."Just an amazing story. Glad that this is a standalone and not a series. Would have totally messed up the flow and ending of this book had their been more. Such an interesting world that Sangu has created. A world where, in most places, it's illegal to create echoes but in England they still do. Echoes being the replacement to the original model, as it were.I loved "Eva" the Echo who was made solely in case "Amarra" were to have something devastating happen to her right from the moment I met her. She's flesh and blood and has emotions and doesn't conform to the makers idea of the perfect Echo. I loved the fact that her heart stays true towards ONE boy, and not didn't end up getting entangled in a bloody awful 3 way love triangle even though there was a part of her who truly believed she should feel emotions for another. I also loved the secondary characters in Mina Ma who I adore. Erik, and even Ophelia. But, it's Sean who has stolen my heart by becoming more than just a friend and guardian to "Eva." I even liked the siblings Sasha and Nikhil who tugged at my heart strings by not turning against "Eva" but supporting and even loving her.The Lost Girl brings about interesting questions and situations based on the fact that there are people who actually play "Makers" of human beings, and what it means to actually become human in the first place. Would you actually pay someone to make a knock-off of your loved one? Would that knock-off carry anything within them, like a soul, or a memory that would grant the familiars enough latitude to actually believe they are still around?Definitely a must read no matter what genre you enjoy! Published August 28th 2012 by Balzer + Bray