Deep Betrayal - Anne Greenwood Brown *Genre* YA Paranormal Mermaids*Rating* 3.5-4*Full Review Shortly*Having heard that this book was supposed to be from Calder's POV, color me disappointed that we didn't get a chance. I would have really liked to learn more about Calder, and especially now that Lily's father has come into his inheritance as it were. Lily is still a smart character who pines just a little bit too much for Calder and then has the audacity to whine whenever he's not around or helping her own father struggle through his changes.In the end, I still liked this book because there was a hint of horror in that nobody knew who was responsible for the murders around the lake and it could have been a whole slew of characters including her own father. Lily also learns a few new tricks all her own, and her little sister Sophie was probably the most remarkable character in that she could tell there was something different about her father and Lily just by looking at them. This story isn't so much as a romance novel as it is a suspense and mystery one.Yes, I will be totally interested in finding out what happens next in this series/trilogy since AGB left a few questions unanswered including the fate of Lily's entire family. *Recvd via Netgalley 12/03/2012* Expected publication: March 12th 2013 by Random House/ Delacorte