Hammer of Angels - G.T. Almasi *Genre* Alternative History, Science Fiction*Rating* 4.0*First Thoughts*I have to say that if you are into thrill rides, a bit of science fiction thrown in as well as a very wiseass main character and supporting cast, then you will love this series. I love the fact that it is set in the early 1980's which is when I grew up. In this alternative reality, it's a time where there are four main countries of influence: Greater Germany, Russia, China, and of course, the US. I love the main character Alixandra Nico. She's a 20 something souped up Extreme Operations Operator who just happens to also have a "few" enhancements to make her that much tougher to deal with and keeps a running commentary that is filled with snark.Hammer of Angels is the second book in the Shadowstorm series and I would say that Almasi has got his groove on. The action is more intense. The danger and missions are that much more important, and a final surprise that has to deal with Alix's father is wrapped up nicely. There are a few other suprises like the fact that Alix is suffering from the effects of long term PTSD and really needs a vacation. Almasi has dedicated this book to the children who have to deal with war. Not a happy subject by any stretch of the matter.If you've read the first book, this book is a must!*Recvd 11/12/2012 via Netgalley* Expected publication: March 26th 2013 by Del Rey