Ever After - Kim Harrison *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*Full Review Shortly*In my opinion, Ever After was one of the better books in this series and of 2013. We see a more mature and confident Rachel who needs to fix things she herself broke in the first place. We see her interact with Jenks and ask for his help without complaining about it or feeling bad for taking him away from his kids. I even liked Jenks new found relationship with Belle the fairy who has become a part of Rachel's extended family. There's less Ivy in this book, and I really didn't miss her all that much. She and another character are obviously on a seperate path from Rachel's and on a collision corse with Rynn. I loved the fact that Al and Trent have both have become so much more than friends to Rachel. In fact, I liked Al A LOT in this book. Of course, who didn't enjoy the ending to this book? Certain secondary characters fall by the wayside in Ever After which, while sad, didn't make me hate this book.It will be interesting to see how this series is wrapped up now that Rachel, Al, and Trent are working closely together, and Rynn has put an ultimatium out on Rachel. Released: January 22nd 2013 by Harper Voyager