Death, Doom and Detention - Darynda Jones *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 3.5*First Thoughts*Death, Doom and Detention, the second novel in the Darklight series, picks up several months after the end of Death and the Girl Next Door. Obviously, if you haven't read the first book, this book will make absolutely no sense to you. Our heroine. Lorelei McAlister, is finding it harder and harder to understand the prophecy that says she's supposed to stop an impending war between humans and demons. She is totally clueless as to how she is supposed to stop anything, let alone her personal nemesis, Tabitha, from continually harassing and getting in her way. She also wonders about the demon who has been possessing her for 10 years and what he wants from her after all these years. Lorelei is under constant protection from both Jared Kovack aka the Angel of Death, and Cameron Lusk the Nephilim who was created in order to protect Lorelei from those, like the Descendants, who want to see hell on earth. Unfortunately for Lorelei, her enemies know that Jared and Cameron stand in their way of getting to her and trouble quickly ensues. Her Grandparents are also keeping important information away from her and even threaten to send her away from New Mexico in order to keep her safe. Lorelei is bombarded with visions and images that she can't control. On top of all this, she discovers that a surprise relative may hold the answers to Lorelei's survival since he experienced her enemies first hand.Lorelei isn't a bad character under the circumstances. She has the whole world on her shoulders and a group of friends like Brooklyn Parther, and Glitch to help her get by. She has a group known as the Order of Sanctity who stand up and protect her as well.This book is definitely darker, more edgier than the first book. The usual snark and humor found in Jones's previous work still shows up when there is levity and a need for a break from the absurd. I even appreciated that Lorelei gets support from a very unlikely source who she helped in the first book.I am definitely looking forward to seeing where Jones takes this series from her. Expected publication: March 5th 2013 by St. Martin's Press