Iron Kin - M.J. Scott *Genre* Paranormal Romance*Rating* 3.0*Review*Iron Kin is the third installment in the Half-Light City series. The Half-Light City series is set in a alternative world where Humans, including Templars, Bloods (Vampires), Fae, and Beast Kind (werewolves) are all bound by a treaty that gets renewed and reviewed every 5 years. The first two books, Shadow Kin and Blood Kin, slowly built up the foundation for what happens in this book and introduced the main characters who have fought for everything they have in order to survive. Iron Kin is told in the first POV alternating between Saskia DuCaine (Simon and Guy's mage sister) and Fen who apparently doesn't have any sort of last name that I could find. The one thing that we do know is that he is connected with Holly and their friend Reggie. As with the first two books in this series, Shadow Kin and Blood Kin, everything is connected. All of the characters have returned minus those who have met their untimely deaths. Characters like Simon (sunmage/healer) and Guy DuCaine (Templar), as well as Lily (wraith) and Holly Evendale (1/2 Fae) all make their return engagement. Saskia is a rather interesting character if I may say so. She's a top of her class metal mage who has the ability to call fire, make metal dance to her desires, and hear the song of the Iron. She's feisty, she doesn't like being cuddled and protected by her older brothers and she pretty much lives her life exactly the way she wants to which leads her into capturing Fen's heart. I really wish that Scott had made her more of a kick ass character. I would have loved to see her kick some Bad Blood (pun necessary) and Beasts but I wouldn't categorize her as a weak Mary Sue type. Fen, on the other hand, has been having intense visions which more often than not come true. Fen is part Fae, Part Beast, and Part Human which makes him an outcast, yet his services are in great demand because he can see future events. When we first meet Fen, he's a rake. He has a reputation as a ladies man and often drowns his visions in alcohol. Needless to say, Holly, Lily, Simon, and Guy try to keep him away from Saskia which only leads to her rebellion. There is plenty of sex in this book to keep even the die hard PNR fans jumping for joy.I would absolutely recommend that you read this series in order. The story really gets interesting in the second half of this book when all parties are required to attend the renewal of the treaty and enemies pool all their resources in order to make a bloody statement. There are dangers around every corner, some seriously evil and dangerous factions who want to see the human race bow under their feet. Definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next!Expected publication: April 2nd 2013 by ROC