Dark Star - Bethany Frenette *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 3.5*First Thoughts*16 year old Audrey Whitticomb isn't what you would call your "normal" teenager. Not by a long shot. Her own mother is a bonifide superhero called the "Morning Star" who protects the city from things that go bump in the night and has since she was 15 years old. She even has a so called sidekick in Leon who is able to transport from place to place and has his own "calling." Audrey doesn't realize how different she is from others because her mother has kept her in the dark like a mushroom for her entire life afraid that her demons would eventually go after her daughter. Audrey has what's called the "Knowing" and uses a deck of cards to look into the future and past events. But, when Audrey finally comes face to face with the "Demons" that her mother fights against and is attacked while saving her best friend Tink, everything changes. She realizes, thanks to an unknown part of her family on her father's side, that she's a part of something a lot bigger than she could even imagine. She eventually gleams her own mothers sorted past and the sacrifices she's had to make along the way. Audrey also realizes that she has her own abilities to stand up to the Harrower's and doesn't need her mother or Leon to protect her every 5 minutes.Summation:1. I enjoyed Dark Star more than I thought I would and will definitely be looking forward to reading the sequel Burn Bright, when it comes out later this year (2013). This book could be considered an Urban Fantasy with paranormal aspects since it really isn't comic book material once you understand that the characters aren't really superheroes like Spiderman, or Ironman.2. I liked that Audrey, our young heroine, isn't alone while her mother is out saving the world from a group known has Harrowers (Demons). She has some awesome friends in Tink (Christina) and Gideon who stick with her through thick and thin. 4. There's no 3 way love triangles or insta-lust syndromes that YA novels fall prey to in their efforts to reach more readers! I can't tell you how much I absolutely hate insta-lust stories. I loved the fact while the book overall wasn't a romance fest, there was a hint of one at the very end. The conflict between Audrey and her so called Guardian made sense, and so did the fact that eventually they learn to respect and like each other.5. I liked that Frenette kept the mystery behind who was helping the villain betray their own kind until right near the very end. You could totally feel the pull toward this character but it wasn't until things became more clear with a visit to the Beneath, that this person's actions were suspect.6. I liked that there wasn't a cliffhanger. It was a story that could be considered a standalone, yet, I want to know more about Audrey's abilities, and who the so called Remnant is. I want to know more about Leon's background and how he was called. I also want to learn more about Audrey's father who we briefly learn about in one of Audrey's knowing sessions.Overall, I didn't have any dire issues with this book that really need to be discussed. The world building and the differences between the Kin and Harrowers was explained pretty much to my satisfaction. It was also explained what really happened to Audrey's father and why he's not in her life at the moment.Published October 23rd 2012 by Disney Hyperion