Blood Trade - Faith Hunter *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 3.5-4*First Thoughts*Blood Trade, the sixth book in the Jane Yellowrock series, mostly takes place in Natchez, Mississippi where the master of the city, Hieronymus, is having problems with Naturaleza vampires left over from Death's Rival. The Naturaleza's are causing major problems for the residents of the city and asks Jane for help through Reach.Jane has been through a lot over the course of this series. The one thing that hasn't changed is the number of weapons she carries on her body when hunting, her love of guns, and killing vampires. It's a bloody and dangerous job, but someone has to do it. It you like a lot of violence and blood this book definitely has its share of both.Jane still makes some dunderhead mistakes but tries to learn from them before someone she loves ends up dead. She has lost friends like Molly Trueblood and lovers like Rick LaFleur and really needs a vacation away from witches, and especially vampires who have caused her nothing but problems for awhile now. Yet, there seems to be sort of a prophecy that these events are somehow related to Jane as a skinwalker and the last of her kind.After what happened in Death's Rival, Jane doesn't fully trust Leo or Bruiser for what they did to her and decides to go against Leo's orders and help Hieronymus with his Naturaleza problem. It also left a situation with Beast that she needs to rectified sooner, rather than later. The one thing that doesn't change in this series is that Jane has her enemies who don't much care for the fact that she's working for Leo and acting as his Enforcer. Some, like Sheriff Sylvia Turpin do eventually come around after seeing what Jane deals with on a regular basis. There are some really good things that happen to Jane as well. The arrival of Eli and Alex Younger who have become her partners and family makes her realize how nice it is to have people surrounding her and helping her out of sticky situations. I love the way they work together. I love the way they interact together as well, especially when they are sparing or going after the bad vampires. Eli even gets a chance to meet someone and hopefully fall in love with her barring any unforeseen Hunter mishaps.The one thing that continues to be dragged on and on is the 3-way triangle between Jane, Rick, and Bruiser. I'm not really sure if Jane trusts either of them at this point, but Rick's temper tantrums really had me seething. Then he goes and says something that totally shocked Jane and we are left puzzled and wondering what will happen next. I really loved the fact that Jane gets a reunion with Bobby, the boy she protected while they lived in a group home as kids. I absolutely adored Bobby in this book. He's really a special character with some wicked cool abilities that come in handy. I hope you read this book to the end, because it will totally make you cry when Jane also comes to terms with Molly's husband Evan. I hope that means that the thaw between Jane and Molly will eventually come as well. I miss the little girl Angie baby, and so does Beast!Overall, a really good read for anyone who has read this series. Definitely worth the time to pick it up or borrow it from the library.Expected publication: April 2nd 2013 by Roc