The Stone Demon (The Iron Witch Series) - Karen Mahoney *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 3.5*Review*The Stone Demon wraps up the Iron Witch series in such a way that will leave people either loving the story, or totally wanting to pull their hair out of their head in frustration and agony. When we first open the pages to The Stone Demon, Donna Underwood, aka the Iron Witch, is understandably angry at herself and depressed after allowing Aliette, the Wood Queen, to talk her into opening the gates of Hell and allowing the demon king Demian to re-enter the world. While's Donna's intentions were laudable, saving her mother's soul, the consequences caused her to be sent to London, England to further her training under a new mentor Miranda Backhouse.Demian, now free after 200 years of captivity thanks to previous alchemists, has his sights set firmly on Donna in a way that has her squirming and trying to figure out a way to outmaneuver him every step of the way. Demian understandably believes he has everyone, including the alchemist, and the Fae, right where he wants them and there's nothing anyone can to do stop his conquest of the planet and the regathering of his demon hordes once the Stone is able to once again produce the Elixir of Life.Donna isn't actually a bad character after you sit down and really think about her actions. She's definitely grown a spine and doesn't sit on her ass while others try to save the world or let it go down in flames. Donna chooses to go on a quest to gather all the pieces necessary to remake the Philosopher's Stone against great peril to herself. It's her unique abilities to open doors to other realms that allows her to gather the pieces against all odds in hopes of finally defeating and sending Demian packing. It's also the fact that she has a good heart and understands that her mistakes caused severe consequences for her friends and colleagues alike. She also hopes that she can perhaps escape the alchemy world once and for-all if she is successful.Her friends, Xan and Navin are once again right alongside her, and Navin really shines in this book. Even though Xan and Donna have deep feelings for each other, it's Navin's friendship and actions in helping Donna solve a missing piece of the puzzle that shows his true colors as Donna's best friend.I'm actually glad I was approved by Netgalley/Flux to read this title. I'm happy with the way this story ends even though plenty of characters fall by the wayside. I loved the last third of this book when Donna not only goes on her quest, but finds a way deep inside herself to call on an old "friend" to help defeat Demian thanks to the Maker's assistance.If you are wondering why I am not rating this book higher, it's because there's some interesting spelling and editing problems/errors, like spelling artifact with an E, instead of an I, that I'm hoping will be fixed before this book goes live. Perhaps I'm being a little bit nit picky since this is an ARC and not the completed book.*Recvd from Flux via Netgalley 11/08/2012* Expected publication: April 8th 2013 by Flux