False Memory - Dan Krokos *Genre* YA Science Fiction*Rating* 4*First thoughts*False Memory is told in the first POV by Miranda North who wakes up on a bench in Cleveland with no memories about how she arrived there, but with $400 in her pocket and an understanding at least that she knows her own name. After stopping to ask for help from a mall security guard and releasing a mysterious energy force that sends everyone in the mall scurrying into a frenzy and causing plenty of object horror for the shoppers, she meets Peter West the only person not running away from her. Peter knows who Miranda is, and explains to her about who she is and why she doesn't seem to have any memories about how she woke up on the park bench. He explains that she's not alone but part of a team of similarly created teenagers later found to be called Roses. After chasing down the remaining members of her team, Noah and Olive, Miranda and crew end up caught in a search for a mysterious rogue named Rhys who may hold the answers to why the Roses were created in the first place, and a determination to prevent the devastation that their powers can unleash on an unsuspecting population all in the name of science. I have to say that False Memory totally took me by surprise and sent me on a wild ride filled with surprises, further revelation about Miranda's background, and that of other teens who have been genetically altered with psychic abilities..or so we are told. False Memory reveals a darker, sinister, deeper conspiracy that I am impatiently waiting to learn more about. It's obvious that the so called creators are much more than has been explained in this book and it's possible that Miranda and crew aren't the only genetically enhanced beings in existence.I really liked Miranda's characterization in False Memory. Even though she was clearly more than she presented, she didn't whine, or complain, or go on any unnecessary tantrums. She has some really cool abilities, knows how to fight, and really enjoys being around her teammates who seem to have grown up together. Miranda's only real struggles happen because of her past memories of Noah and the fact that she felt betrayed by his actions. For those who hate 3-way love triangles in YA novels like me, False Memory actually turns into a sort of Quadruple love triangle within the group that will have you wondering how much of Miranda's original memories were her own, and how much was implanted at some point to keep her from learning the truth. While struggling with her feelings towards Noah and his actions, she learns that she has a very real attraction towards Peter who apparently has never let her down when it matters. And, for kicks, there is the real possibility that Olive has hidden away her feelings for Noah! False Memory was kindly provided to me by my public library which totally blew my mind in that they had the book in the first place. Way to go you guys!I am definitely looking forward to reading False Sight since I already have it, THANK YOU HYPERION, on my Kindle! I want to learn more about the mysterious creators and what they have planned. I want to learn more about the new dynamics of Miranda's new team that was cobbled together while trying to bring and end to the creators and rescuing a team member. Lastly, I was very happy with the overall writing and world building that Krokos created in writing about Miranda and her teammates. Hoping False Sight is even better than the original! Published August 14th 2012 by Hyperion