A Matter of Blood: The Forgotten Gods: Book One - Sarah Pinborough *Genre* Police Procedural, with a HINT of Dark Fantasy*Rating* 3.0*First Thoughts*A Matter of Blood is apparently the first book in a trilogy called The Dog Faced Gods. It's a different sort of book than what I was expecting. It's not really a Paranormal, or Urban Fantasy novel per se. It doesn't have creepy vampires, or werewolves, or Fae, or witches. It's more of a police procedural drama wrapped up with elements that could be considered Dark Fantasy.As a background: The world teetered on the brink of economic collapse and ruin. People were losing their jobs, their homes, their livelihood. Then The Bank, a mysterious cooperation head by some very power billionaires in the US, China, Russia, and Japan get together and now control nearly every financial transaction on the planet. Who are these masked men and what is their end game? Who is really controlling the bank?The main character of "A Matter of Blood" is Detective Inspector Cassius (Cass) Jones. He's a total mess. Although a good cop compared to his fellow coppers, he carries a lot of baggage with him throughout the book. He somehow managed to hold onto his job after a botched undercover operation went sideways. He drinks heavily, he snorts coke, he's friendly with known gangster like Artie Mullins, he's good at his job because he thinks like a criminal but will probably never move up in the ranks because of his undercover actions. He sleeps around with lots of women including his sister-in-law Jessica, and assistant Sergeant Claire May who I really liked. His wife Kate, who I absolutely hated from the moment she was introduced, truly had some issues as well that I won't go into them since it will spoil the end game. While Cass is investigating the murders of four women within two months by the mysterious King of Flies who writes "Nothing Is Sacred" in blood and also leaves flies on the bodies, he's also trying to solve the murders of two young boys who were gunned down by unknown assailant in an apparent drive by. If that weren't enough for one man to handle, he's then accused of murdering his own brother Christian who he barely speaks to but was trying to reach out to Cass with important information, and the mysterious Bank seems to hold more answers than it's willing to part with. "A Matter of Blood" is told not only from the eyes of Cass, but from Claire's as well. The third POV is from the killer who is extremely creepy and mysterious and once we find out who he is, we then learn about his apparent connection to Cass's own family as well as Mr. Bright and the bank who has been controlling things like a puppet master."A Matter of Blood" takes sometime to get moving and the various plots and machinations of the players involved will boggle your mind. There are definitely aspects of dark fantasy involved, like I was saying before. Who is Mr. Bright actually, and what does The Glow really mean? Why did the King of Flies reach out to Cass and attempt to tell him to trust nobody? What was his families connection to the mysterious Mr. Bright and what does the future hold for Cass? I was honestly shocked when this book arrived on my doorstep via UPS. I had not heard of this author before and was not aware of this books release. However, after reading A Matter of Blood, I will definitely be looking forward to reading the sequel when it is released. I am looking forward to learning more about Cass, his family, and the mysterious Mr. Bright. *Recvd from NAL 03/29/2013* Published: April 2nd 2013 by Ace Trade