Rogue Descendant - Jenna Black *Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 3-3.5*Full Review Shortly*I can NOT believe we are left with THAT ending! I mean, are we going to get a fourth book in this series, or will the series just end like the Morgan Kingsley series did with things up in the air and not resolved to my satisfaction anyway? The whole thing with Anderson has me especially nervous after he told Nikki that if anyone found out about his true Identity, everyone would die. Will there be a war between Anderson's Liberi and the Olympians? Will the secret Anderson's been keeping close to his chest divide his group? Will Black make up her bloody mind between Anderson and Jamaal for whom Nikki is supposed to be with? Or will there be another character introduced that will put both characters to shame? See lots, and lots of unanswered questions. We need a fourth book, and maybe a fifth!More shortly!Released: April 30th 2013 by Pocket Books