The Rising - Kelley Armstrong *Genre* YA Paranormal*Rating* 3.5*First Thoughts*The Rising wraps up the Darkness Rising trilogy in such a way that has apparently left the blogging world divided into several different camps. Those who absolutely loved it, those who thought it wasn't better than the Darkest Powers trilogy, and those who just plain hated it because it really didn't change anything in regards to the kids freedom, or the choices they wanted to make for themselves in order to get out from under their captors once and for-all. I guess I'm kind of in the middle in that I did like the story, but, the overall ending could have been so much better had the choices been different and maybe if the Darkest Powers group had more of part to play in the decision making.What I did like, Didn't like:I loved seeing the return of the Project Genesis group (Chloe, Derek, Simon, and Tori.) After the Darkest Powers ended, I was a little disappointed in that we really didn't get a final resolution of their continued running from the Cabal, or Chloe and Derek's relationship. It was nice seeing the group together even it if was for a brief time and only after the story was nearly finished. However, I would have liked it had the groups were brought together much sooner in the story instead of wasting so much time under the auspices of the Cabal. I know there's going to be some who are hugely disappointed with Maya's choice between Derek and Rafael, but I can absolutely, without hesitation say that it was the correct one in my humble opinion. After learning a few things via Corey's revelation, I was more than happy to know that one of the characters has had a crush on the other for several years. It's nice that they can consider themselves all friends after all is said and done. I loved that Armstrong finally reunited Maya with her twin brother Ash. Did I like Ash? Yes, yes I did. He was funny, he didn't take any crap from anyone, and he stood up to Maya and even gave her some relationship pointers which I was laughing at. Some will categorize him as annoying, abrupt, rude, and a smart-ass, which is why I liked him. You have to see things from HIS prospective when writing a review on his character. Unlike Maya, he didn't have the perfect life with the perfectly well adjusted family. He didn't grow up around friends who did everything together. I was glad to read about the participation of Sean Nast as a solution to both groups problems. Although nothing was resolved in the freedom of any of the characters involved, it was still nice to see that the groups formed a semblance of a bond after coming together in their new homes thanks to Sean's participation. I would have liked to see Lucas and Savannah's participation as well since they are both mentioned during various times towards the end of the book.So yes, I am satisfied to a point with this The Rising and will be looking forward to seeing what else Armstrong comes up with in the near future.Published April 2nd 2013 by HarperCollins