Slated  - Teri Terry *Genre* YA Dystopian*Rating* 3-3.5*First Thoughts*Set in England a few decades from now, Slated tells the story about 16 year old Kyla Davis who has had her memories & personality erased and given a clean slate or a second chance to prove her worth to society. She's forced to wear a Levo bracelet that monitors her moods 24/7 and let's her controllers know if she's thinking about hurting others. She has had to learn how to speak and walk all over again before being released back into society which treats her with scorn and disdain. But, Kyla is also different in many ways from the other Slaters as we slowly learn by reading the entire book right down to the very last page.If you believe that Slated is yet another uninteresting, boring, and same ole, same ole Dystopian novel, you really need to read this book and find out for yourself. While other Dystopian novels center around the zombie apocalypses, cataclysmic events, or viruses that mutated out of control, Slated is centered around a London society that has decided to do something about their out of control teen population while closing themselves off from the rest of the world after a financial collapse.The society that Terry writes about is a very creepy and disturbing one. If anyone steps out of line, there are those called Lorders that immediately show up and take you away where you will most likely never be heard from again. You could compare this, in a way, to 1984 in that everyone is monitored for actions that are considered anathema to the Coalitions desires. There are several aspects to the Slated society that I found to be interesting. The first is that not everyone is who he or she seems to be. There are the doctors who have used Slated to give unruly teens a second chance but who genuinely seem to be trying to help the Slated and may be hiding some secrets of their own. There are the so called terrorists who we don't really learn much about except that they don't much care for the current Central Coalition and aim to remove it or expose it for all the lies its told over the years. There's yet another group working to bring attention to those who disappeared without a trace and later turned up as Slated with new families and who help open Kyla's eyes to the possibilities that she's someone else entirely.Lastly, there's the foster parents, known as mum and dad, who have been tagged to take in these newly slated teens and hope that they stay on the straight and narrow. Kyla's new mum and dad are nothing as to what you're expecting. Just when you think one is the villain, Terry totally does a rope a dope and blindsides you leaving you wondering what just happened.I found Kyla to be rather interesting character. After spending 9 months in the hospital, she's thrown back into a world that once thought of her as dangerous and needing to be controlled. But, there's something in the background of her own mind that slowly rears it's head and you are left wondering just how or why she was Slated in the first place. She finds an interesting connection with another slated named Ben as well as her own foster sister Amy who was also slated. The arrival of the mysterious Hatten, who Kyla knows as Nico in a previous life, should make the second book in this series a worth while read.Fractured, Book # 2, released April 4th 2013 by Orchard Books.Published January 24th 2013 by Nancy Paulsen Books